Residential Applications

Residential Applications

Make your living space a comfortable environment

Window film can stop more than 80% of solar energy coming through windows! This benefit prevents uncomfortable hotspots and inconsistent temperatures.

It also reduces glare so you can enjoy natural light, even when the sun drops toward the horizon, or the snow on the ground is reflecting UV rays upward. Morning or afternoon, winter or summer, window film makes it easier to see inside a room, or to look outside without squinting!

Delivers peace of mind, and added safety

Additionally, safety and security window film lets you rest more easy, knowing your windows can offer more protection from a potential intruder breaking glass to gain entrance or from damage done from projectiles like gravel or small tree branches flying into your windows in severe weather. Window films keep shattered glass in place, rather than showering shards into the interior.

Enjoy a consistently comfortable, healthier, more environmentally sensitive and safer home environment!